armpit_wartsArmpit warts, also known as skin tags, are pieces of pink or flesh colored skin that hang from your armpit. These warts are also known as Axilla and they tend to grow in places where the skin is looser. Warts are a result of the Human Papillomavirus Virus (HPV), which is mostly contacted through touching or rubbing the skin of an infected person. Armpit warts are not dangerous and they are treatable, however, they are contagious and you should be careful if you have an outbreak.

There are many ways of getting rid of armpit warts. You can choose either surgical or non-surgical options. If you decide to have surgery on your armpit warts, it is a quick and relatively painless procedure. The most common procedure would be done by a licensed dermatologist and this involves freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen. This causes the warts to fall off after a period of time. The second surgical option to remove your armpit warts would be laser surgery. Either a pulse-dye laser or a carbon dioxide laser is used to literally burn off the warts. The final surgical procedure to remove armpit warts would be actual armpit wart removal surgery, however, this procedure is rarely done because of the time and money spent would be wasteful while the other options are more practical.

If the idea of freezing your warts or burning them off don’t appeal to you, there are other non-surgical methods that you can do to remove the armpit warts. If you prefer natural methods of wart removal, then you can try tea tree oil. If you rub the infected area every day with the oil, this should kill the warts. There is a mixture of unique resin paint, aloe and alcohol that can be used to remove the wart or you can try to kill the surface skin cells of the infected area with salicylic acid. These methods are proven to work when you use a pumice stone or blade to cut off the warts. Another method to remove armpit warts would be to eat foods, or take medication that would boost and stimulate your immune system. Your immune system, if stimulated, should naturally fight off and eventually kill the armpit warts. Whether you choose surgical or non-surgical methods to remove armpit warts, make sure you visit a licensed dermatologist to make sure the warts aren’t signs for even bigger problems like cancer.